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How do we determine the future of the accountancy profession?

We’re uniquely positioned with a vast membership that spans over 180 countries, which puts a highly skilled network of professionals at our fingertips. And it’s by asking our network critical questions that we can really understand where our profession is today – and what the future holds.

Our report brings granular insight into the changes and demands facing the profession in the period up to 2025 and practical guidance on the skills that will be required to meet those changes and demands.

'Global Connectivity, smart machines and new media are just some of the drivers reshaping what constitutes work in the future'

- Helen Brand OBE, ACCA chief executive

74% think the emergence of a cashless society will have the greatest long-term impact beyond 2025

Continued globalisation will present opportunities and challenges to those in and around the accountancy profession

'Accountants should not sit and wait. They should lead the change'

- Roman Fink, board member & CFO, ČSOB Penzijní společnost, Czech Republic

81% say greater harmonisation of global accounting and business standards will have an impact in the next three to ten years
76% expect to see an increase in female participation in the workforce during the next three to ten years

'The communication skills to convey your message and convince people to achieve goals are increasingly important'

- Kelly Chan, finance director, Moët Hennessy Diageo, Hong Kong

52% see changes in global governance, global powers, regions and institutions as having the greatest impact beyond 2025
55% say the development of intelligent automated accounting systems will have the highest impact in the next three to 10 years

'We need to focus more on how to get the most from big data - all of the information which is relevant to clients in our business'

- Jiří Klimas, vice president, EU finance and accounting, Monster Worldwide, Czech Republic

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