The future of accountancy

Our global research programme provides insight into the future of professional accountancy and, alongside feedback from ACCA educational experts, helps us to evolve the qualification to be fit for the future. Our model shows the skills and qualities the successful professional accountant needs.

The evolution of the accountancy professional

We know the world is changing at a rapid pace and the role of professional accountants is more important than ever before.

Through our qualification, we’re developing dynamic professional accountants who are strategic forward-thinkers, who thrive in a world of constant technological change and growing globalisation. 

Our Professional accountants – the future research programme answers the following questions:

  • What skills and qualities do professional accountants need to be successful?
  • What changes will impact the future of the profession? 
  • How do young professionals see their future in finance?
  • What changes will impact the future of the public sector?

Generation Next

Why do young professionals pursue a career in finance? Generation Next, the latest research report from our Professional accountants - the future series, has the answers.

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