Strategic Professional

We’re redesigning the Professional level. It will become Strategic Professional from September 2018.

We’re introducing Strategic Business Leader – an innovative case study

The new innovative case study uses real-world scenarios to set challenges that require students to blend technical, ethical and professional skills in the evaluation and presentation of their responses. With the introduction of Strategic Business Leader, the current P1 (Governance, Risk and Ethics) and P3 (Business Analysis) will be withdrawn.

Introducing Strategic Business Reporting

In Strategic Business Reporting, we take the qualification’s current holistic view of reporting into a new dimension. The syllabus will retain the existing technical content of P2 Corporate Reporting. This is significantly enhanced by giving students the skills needed to confidently speak the language of business, and explain reports and the impacts of transactions to a wide variety of stakeholders.

Options exams – a unique opportunity to specialise

Our Options exams remain available, offering the unique opportunity to specialise in areas of greatest relevance to a chosen sector or career path. The advanced specialist expertise gained builds on the broad, cross-sector-relevant, technical foundation that all ACCA students acquire.

Integrated Master’s degree – still remains an option

The ACCA Qualification includes the world’s first Master’s degree integrated with a professional accountancy qualification. Delivered in partnership with the University of London, students can follow the Master’s route while completing their Strategic Professional exams or acquire the Master’s degree post-ACCA Qualification.

Questions and answers

  • Does this mean the qualification is harder now that there is a case study?

    Our examining team have worked really hard to develop a case study which is achievable for all of our students. And which delivers professional accountants with unique blend of technical, ethics and professional skills and abilities to meet employer demands.

    We’ll be providing lots of learning support to ensure you’re fully equipped to pass Strategic Business Leader. We’re confident you’ll enjoy the real-world experience this exam provides.

  • Will I have to do the new exam via computer-based exams or paper in my market?

    Initially, the Strategic Professional exams will be available globally on paper. We're busy working to ensure the right technology is available to deliver the exams by computer-based assessment. We'll keep you updated on our progress with this.

  • Why is the new exam four hours long?

    Strategic Business Leader has been specifically designed to give you time to plan and prepare your answers in a professional manner. So it’s not intended to be a time-pressured exam. We’ll provide exam approach tips as part of our learning support resources.

  • What happens to my passes at the existing Professional level when the changes are introduced?

    If you have passed both P1 Governance, Risk and Ethics and P3 Business Analysis before September 2018, you will be given a converted pass from the new Strategic Business Leader exam.

    Students who have passed P2 Corporate Reporting will be given a converted pass from the new Strategic Business Reporting exam.

  • What if I have already passed P1 Governance, Risk and Ethics or P3 Business Analysis?

    Students who have passed only one of these exams, for example either P1 Governance, Risk and Ethics or P3 Business Analysis, before September 2018 will have to complete the new Strategic Business Leader exam.

  • How can I learn professional skills from a study text?

    To make sure you have the right tools to develop these skills, we have the right blend of support – from a wide range of support to complement the Approved Content Providers to the new Ethics and Professional Skills module that simulates real-world scenarios.