Ethics and Professional Skills module

Our new Ethics and Professional Skills module - another first - focuses on developing the complete range of ethical and professional skills employers told us they need.

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The new Ethics and Professional Skills module is designed to increase your employability. It develops the full spectrum of advanced ethical and professional skills, exposing you to realistic business situations.

Comprising six interactive units, the module covers:

  1. Ethics and professionalism
  2. Personal effectiveness
  3. Innovation and scepticism
  4. Commercial awareness, analysis, evaluation and problem solving
  5. Leadership and team work
  6. Communication and interpersonal skills

The key features are:

  • Duration: 20 hours
  • Certification: you are awarded a certificate on completion
  • Flexibility: you can start when you are studying any Applied Skills exam
  • Completion: you should finish the module before starting the Strategic Professional exams
  • Cost: the new module costs £60

Helping you to exam success at Strategic Professional

To take maximum advantage of the support provided by the module, we recommend you complete it before attempting any exams at Strategic Professional.

To see how the new module fits into the ACCA Qualification - the future, take a look at our journey tool.

Questions and answers

  • Why has the Professional Ethics Module changed?

    Professional accountants need to demonstrate that they understand and can apply ethical behaviour in real-world work situations. And they must be capable of doing this in broader, more complex scenarios where integration with technical and professional skills is key. So in the Ethics and Professional Skills module - the first of its kind - you will meet a number of these real-world work scenarios to help you develop your professional and ethical skills. 

    The new module is designed to support you to exam success at Strategic Professional. You should complete it before attempting any of the Strategic Professional exams.

  • How long does the new module take?

    Approximately 20 hours. 

    The new module takes longer than the Professional Ethics module as we focus on developing the complete range of professional skills employers have told us they need. 

    The new module teaches a wide range of professional qualities essential to the work place, including communications, commercial, innovation, analysis and evaluation skills.

  • What do you get on completion?
    • You’ll have completed one of the three key requirements towards ACCA membership (the others being exams and experience)
    • You'll receive a certificate
    • As you work through the module, you’ll be asked to complete different tasks which you would expect to see in a real-world work scenario. You’ll be able to save these outputs in your ‘My portfolio’ section of the module.  You can then use these to present to your employer - or in an interview situation - to demonstrate how you would approach and resolve these real-world scenarios. You could also share them with your PER mentor to demonstrate achievement towards your performance objectives.
  • What are you charging for the module?

    This module has a wide breadth of content, which develops skills that are core to the qualification and the wider profession representing significant value to our students. Therefore, the module will be charged at a one-off fee of £60.

    We’ve continued to invest in all elements of our qualification to ensure ACCA remain the world's most progressive and supportive accountancy body. 

    We’ve achieved this without increasing the overall cost significantly and this remains true with our revised pricing approach. Download our pricing table (PDF format, 427KB) to see how the Professional Level pricing compares with Strategic Professional.

    Important note: ACCA publishes its prices for exams approximately seven months ahead of the opening of an exam session. The prices shown below for 2018 exams are indicative, based on standard entry pricing and may be subject to an inflationary increase

  • Is more information about the module available?

    More detailed information is available. Visit our help and support section to find out more.