Applied Skills

Continue building your skills to become a professional accountant

Building on your existing knowledge and understanding, Applied Skills develops strong, broad and practical finance required of future strategic professional accountant in any sector or industry.

Real-world relevance. Pushing innovation through developments in our exams

With the recent introduction of computer-based exams, all of our Knowledge and Skills exams are now available on computer. By pushing the boundaries of exam technology, we’re now able to ensure your real-world skills are developed and assessed through the use of appropriate tools and question types.

Get the most out of your ACCA Qualification

We’re proud to continue to offer the BSc in partnership with Oxford Brookes University. This means students across the globe can continue to study towards the BSc at the same time as the Applied Skills exams of the ACCA Qualification.

Always updated, always relevant

Our Applied Skills syllabuses and exams are updated annually making the ACCA Qualification the most relevant, reflecting the most recent changes to accounting standards, technology and employer demands. Keeping you always at the forefront of the profession.

The introduction of computer-based exams at the existing Skills level in 2016 represents a significant step forward in the relevance of these exams and the skills they develop. Apart from our annual updates, there are no further changes planned beyond the name change to Applied Skills in September 2018.

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