How do these changes affect your studies?

You might be in the middle of your exams, well on your way to membership or you might be just getting started with ACCA. Now that you’ve read about what the future holds for the ACCA Qualification, let’s find out exactly what these changes will mean for you and your studies.

The first change is the introduction of the new Ethics and Professional Skills module from 31 October 2017. This is followed by changes to the Strategic Professional in 2018.

We want to know your current Professional Ethics Module status – where are you now, have you completed the old module?

We also want you to think ahead to September 2018. What exams will you have completed by then?

Think about the number of exam sessions between now and September 2018, how many exams you've already passed and how many you’re likely to complete by then, and check all of the boxes for the exams that you have completed below.

Remember to include any exemptions that you have and try to be realistic about what you are likely to achieve.

Once you're happy with your selections, submit them to read your personalised guidance. You can try different combinations if you’re not sure how you might progress. You can also come back to this tool as many times as you like, if your exam status changes. 

Your future status: What exams will you have completed by September 2018?

Knowledge level

Skills level

Professional level


Your current status: Have you have completed the Professional Ethics Module?