Changes to the ACCA Qualification

A redesigned Professional level, an innovative case study and an Ethics and Professional Skills module enhance a highly relevant qualification that will deliver the professional accountants the world needs.

A leading qualification for a changing world

We’re redesigning the Professional level of the ACCA Qualification. Why? To ensure that the qualification is as relevant as possible, so that ACCA professionals continue to be the most valued and sought-after across the globe.

We are introducing Strategic Business Leader, an innovative case study. Real-world scenarios are used to set challenges that require students to blend technical, professional and ethical skills in the evaluation and presentation of their responses.

The new Ethics and Professional Skills module, available from 31 October, is designed to increase your employability. A key requirement of ACCA membership, it develops the full spectrum of advanced ethical and professional skills, exposing you to realistic business situations. And the integration of these ethical and professional skills with the technical knowledge you are gaining through exam success in the ACCA Qualification, will prepare you for exam success at Strategic Professional.

The ACCA Qualification journey

Understand what ACCA Qualification - the future will look like, including the redesigned Professional Level.

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What do the changes mean for me?

Find out more about the redesigned Professional Level and the new Ethics and Professional Skills module.

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How do these changes affect your studies?

Find out more about how the changes impact your journey through the qualification.

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